About Us

Our Establishment

Gowhere was established in 2015 but we actually put the very first bricks in 2012. Gowhere is a social enterprise, one of the most pioneering organization in volunteering field. We wanna cooperate to build a sustainable local tourism and using tourism as a force to develop economy and shows the world Vietnamese culture. More than that, we have vision to set up the Gowhere network which will help the young generation have better chance to work and learn outside the school, more knowledge and experience for students…

Our Vision and Philosophy


Become a famous tourism brand in South East Asia and help to enhance the Vietnamese tourism class of the world.Develop with the integration trend to make a sustainable, effective tourism and consolidate the local traditions, bring benefits to the ethnic minority community.


Friendly tourism- Home anywhere – Experiencing local traditions- Exchanging knowledge and social value.

Where We Are Going

Homestay and local tourism network

Homestay is a form of tourism or study abroad that allows visitors to rent rooms from local families. It is sometimes used by people who wish to improve their language skills and become familiar with the local lifestyle.Some countries encourage homestay as a means of developing their tourism industry. Hosting a homestay participant allows the host family to earn an income. Students tend to arrange a

Volunteer and organic farming

Volunteer project help young generation can have opportunities to live with the real local people, to get more knowledge about ancient traditions with low cost. This project also make students to forge the social skills, those students will works like the regional citizen. Most job will relate to the farming to produce more agriculture goods.

Worldwide support center

Worldwide support center will prove full information for traveler around the world. To support them to have the nice and safe trips. We advice them to planning the most suitable itinerary.

homestay with their school or educational institution


  • Foreign tourists

June 2016, Vietnam estimated to reach 700446  arrivals, increase 29,8% more than the same period in 2015. In the first 6 moths of 2016. Vietnam was estimated at 4706324 passengers, up 21.3% over the same period in 2015.

  • The total market value of tourism

8 million foreign tourists in 2015. Total of foreign tourism income is 338000 Vietnam dong.

  • Local tourism

The well- known places in Vietnam for the foreign tourists are only: HN, HCM, Ha Long, Sapa, Hoi An. There are many other places.

  • Backpacker

The backpacker have the majority share of the foreign tourism market but this subject doesn’t have enough care.

  • Connecting with local

Combine tourism and developing the regional people’s life è generate the sustainable environment for each other.

  • Low cost investment

Homestay network model can be started with small money. The operating system do not need quantity and quality about employee.

Social Impact

  • Income from tourism
    Better money for local jobs.
  • Supporting community
    The voluntary project to help disadvantaged people
  • Conserving traditions
    Maintain the traditions to create tourism goods and expand the national agriculture
  • Different life chance
    Opportunities to learn, exchange,  and reach to other culture and traditions.

Our group of volunteers

Nguyễn Trần Bảo Khánh
Nguyễn Trần Bảo Khánh
Mobile :+84927162502
Trang Decor
Trang Decor
Mobile :+84977380820
Ngô Lan Hương
Ngô Lan Hương
Mobile :+84987256492
Hà Jverdie
Hà Jverdie
Mobile :+84975687734

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