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Special Foods Must Eat In Sapa 2

What should do in Sapa in September 2017

There are many things to do in Sapa in September. Especially, you will feel interested in harvesting, threshing with local people and some festivals was born as a result of celebrating after harvest. 

Admire one of the World’s most spectacular terraced rice field 

September comes along with the glamorous view of ripe rice crops on the terraced fields. It is time for the diligent farmers to be rewarded with a fruitful harvest after a year of hard work and for visitors to share this happiness of enjoying this mesmerizing view.  

Terraced fields in Sapa are honored as one of the greatest terraced fields in the world.

Ox-eye daisies bloom in Hanoi


These days, Hanoi’s famous flower villages such as Nhat Tan and Tay Tuu are filled with the scented wafts of ox-eye daisies in full bloom and the beautiful sight of their yellow to brownish centres with showy white petals.

Farmers harvesting daisies have to wake up early to sell them at the market.

Each bunch of daisies cost from VND20,000 to VND40,000.

The name ‘daisy’ originates from Anglo Saxon ‘day’s eyes’ which refers to the opening and closing of the flower throughout the cycle of night and day.














Exploring all night markets across Vietnam


Do you think markets are noisy, complicated, too much hustle and hustle? And you do not like it? If you have these thoughts let together with Gowhere explore well- known night markets below. You will recognize your soul has found a right place to desire and look back.

1.Night Market At Hoi An Ancient Town

It is no coincidence that Hoi An was named one of the 20 coolest “nightlife” on the planet. When the night falls, it is the time for a different Hoi An. Shimmering beauty of lanterns and the poetic beauty of food market along two banks of Hoai River will please anyone who has arrived this place.

A day to Bat Trang ceramic village


Just need a day tour to discover the beauty of Bat Trang handmade potterty village in Ha Noi capital, Vietnam.
In Ha Noi old quarter and many streets in Western Quarter in Hanoi, there are a lot of tourist companies ready for the tour if you have plan for visiting, taking photos at Bat Trang ceramic village.

However, in my opinion, you don’t need to book a tour because it’s easy to explore and more than that it’s cheaper. Specially, Bat Trang ceramic village is so near Ha Noi center, you completely can go to this village by motorbike or bicycle.

8 Places Where I Fell in Love With Dong Thap Province, Vietnam


Dong Thap province in Vietnam will make an ideal getaway- an escape from the fast pace of life in urban area. Coming to this beautiful serenity province, tourists will be experiencing an entirely different world of calmness, peacefulness where people are leading a seemingly plainˈsailing life.

1.Gao Giong Ecotourism site

Known as a “Dong Thap Muoi miniature”, Gao Giong Ecotourism site is located in 6 hamlet, Gao Giong commune, Cao Lanh district. This site covers an area of 1700ha. So large is the area of Indigo plant that you will mostly catch sight of them.

Moc Chau- season of flowers cauliflower


Moc Chau is far from Hanoi about 200km, is one of the best attractions is the people “Leaders” and the photographer to buy flowers bloom. Moc Chau this season the freezing cold, the soft rays of light began to dawn on the Northwest sky, Moc Chau is also the time to put on her stunning white gown.

Across the plains, the hills, covered with a pristine white flower of reform, but the most beautiful is the area behind The pine Ang. Tens of hectares of improved white blooms. Take a leisurely walk in the pine forest on the beautiful path,

How to save money in Vietnam


I started my love affair with Vietnam in the way that most tourists do – in my living room, watching an old war movie. The lush green forests and wild jungles, the endless rice terraces, the huge rivers… I had to go. Vietnam is a beautiful and fascinating country, and despite it’s surge in popularity as a tourist destination in recent years it can still be seen on a budget. Here are my tips for ways to save money and enjoy Vietnam…

1.Eat local food

Over the past decade Vietnam has become a hugely popular tourist destination,

Classic Adventures in Ha Giang: Things must eat


Ha Giang is not only famous for its gorgeous landscapes, typical habits and customs, but also for its food specialties. Food which is made natural ingredients with a distinctive cooking method is without doubt the thing that enthralls tourists most in Ha Giang.

1.Au Tau rice gruel


Au Tau rice gruel will irrefutably change your normal standard of rice gruel. In a winter night, a bowl of Au Tau rice gruel is an amazing treat for all people. Au Tau is the combination of the delicate sticky rice,

Classic Adventures in Ha Giang: Things must see


Every year, there are millions of tourists visit Ha noi, Vietnam but most of them only interested in traveling to Sapa, Halong bay… Those are the famous places in Vietnam but that’s not all.  Many people have been attracted by Ha Giang, the first place of northen Vienam, we usally call “ The north pole of the Father Land”. I can be sure that Ha Giang is more beautiful and mysterious, seductive than Sapa in my own feeling.
I believe that when you search some information on the internet, you can know some ways to feel it.