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How to Travel to Tam Thanh Mural Village

Tam Thanh is a small fishing village beside the beach, a ward of Tam Ky city, Quang Nam province. The name “Tam Thanh” has been known popularly after the project “Tam Thanh mural village”.

Special Foods Must Eat In Sapa 2

What should do in Sapa in September 2017

There are many things to do in Sapa in September. Especially, you will feel interested in harvesting, threshing with local people and some festivals was born as a result of celebrating after harvest.

Historical Tour in the Capital City of Vietnam

People say looking back to your past is your way forward. Some would not agree, but for the Vietnamese people, this is their way of life. I have been a fan of history since I was a child but my mind seems to have no patience remembering about details.

5 Best Bun Cha Spots in Hanoi

Today marks my 16th day here in Hanoi and I am still in love with bun cha. I don’t know what’s keeping me to eat it repeatedly — everyday, to be precise —

7 Ways to Get Around in the City of Hanoi

Hanoi is a vibrant city filled with rich culture and endless activities, making it a famous stop for travelers around the world. With its population more than 7 million plus 10 million of tourists annually,