Ha Giang

Classic Adventures in Ha Giang: Things must eat


Ha Giang is not only famous for its gorgeous landscapes, typical habits and customs, but also for its food specialties. Food which is made natural ingredients with a distinctive cooking method is without doubt the thing that enthralls tourists most in Ha Giang.

1.Au Tau rice gruel


Au Tau rice gruel will irrefutably change your normal standard of rice gruel. In a winter night, a bowl of Au Tau rice gruel is an amazing treat for all people. Au Tau is the combination of the delicate sticky rice,

Classic Adventures in Ha Giang: Things must see


Every year, there are millions of tourists visit Ha noi, Vietnam but most of them only interested in traveling to Sapa, Halong bay… Those are the famous places in Vietnam but that’s not all.  Many people have been attracted by Ha Giang, the first place of northen Vienam, we usally call “ The north pole of the Father Land”. I can be sure that Ha Giang is more beautiful and mysterious, seductive than Sapa in my own feeling.
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