Located on Ong Ich Khiem street, in the center of Da Nang city, Con market is one of the largest and most ancient markets here. With a variety of food stalls, it is also considered a “food paradise” – a destination which should not be missed when exploring Da Nang. Tourists when visiting this area will not only be able to witness the everyday life of the crowded market but can also have the chance to enjoy irresistibly delicious food.

Those who first come to Con market would have the feeling of “being into the maze” with delicacies such as green papaya salad, chewy tapioca dumpling, spring rolls, Quang noodles,… You should also give the eye-catching and greasy stir-fried snail dishes a try. All food stalls in Con market are busy with the customers eat and chat together.

After enjoying the snacks, you should immediately visit dessert soup stalls with huge pots of banana and grass jelly sweet soup, or buy a glass of passion juice, centella juice,… which are really cool and make you less thirsty. In addition, specialties often being bought as gifts such as fish sauce, caramelized dried squid, dried squid, fish … are also available for sale in Con market.

With diverse cuisine, friendly sellers, cheap price, Con market is a worth-visiting place that you can discover the real Da Nang delicacies and people.

Photos: afamily.vn