I am learning in Hanoi, have a chance to travel and volunteer in Quang Nam province for 3 weeks. It is long time a second year student like me will never forget: Quang Nam people are so friendly and humble, cuisine here is so awesome, a little bit chili. I quickly fall in love with the food here. You never find it boring because there are different kinds of food for you to try. Cuisine in Quang Nam is like a good guy who easily make any girls fall in love with.

Grilled bamboo chicken (gà tre nướng) is so awesome

I have tasted such a lot of food before but when I came to Quang Nam province, I had once more chance to experience different kinds of foods. They are absolutely different from those where I was born. When I was in Da Nang city, I tried about 3, 4 new kinds of food every day. After 4 days in this city, I almost tasted all of specialities here. Every thing is tasty and a little bit chili. The food in Quang Nam always has peppers but you will fall for it right away.

Cao lầu is the best choice for every morning
Mì Quảng or Quang Nam noodle is the speciality here

In Quang Nam, we will find it amazing because there are a variety of specialities here. Like in Tam Ky city, a ward in Quang Nam province, people call “mít hông’, a strange food for travelers but if you try it once, you will never forget its flavour. So awesome!

Mít hông (steamed jackfruit)
Hoanh thanh Soup (Hoành thánh) is a very fresh soup for anyone coming here.
Trứng chén nướng ( grilled chicken egg)


You can come to Quang Nam all seasons, especially going to some fishing villages where you can try sea foods and discover fishermen’s life is an unforgettable memory!