Quang Nam festival performance, photo from Hoi An Tourism

This year, expect one of the most colorful and poignant festivals in Vietnam to be even better than before. Quang Nam Heritage Festival, now on its sixth term, is created to promote Vietnamese values and Quang Nam’s cultural contributions to the world. The event will be held on 09-14 June 2017 in the city of Hoi An. It aims to celebrate Vietnam’s rich heritage and establish camaraderie with the global industry. Inviting 10-12 heritage cities around the world, the festival is filled with cultural activities and international conferences where all ages are welcome to join and celebrate.

This year the festival also honors the 415th year of I’s establishment, a political-economic center built during the Nguyen dynasty. In line with this, many events such as sports competition and cultural presentations will be shown to further promote the importance of Vietnam.

For further information, check out the table of activities below:

Date and time Activity Venue
I Activities in the provincial Festival program
first 20:00, June 9, 2017 Festival opening program and performing arts TP Tam Ky
2 From 10/6 – 13/6/2017 Folk festival hut TP Tam Ky
3 From 09/6 – 14/6/2017 Exhibition “Cultural heritage of the sea, island of Vietnam” TP Tam Ky
4 From 09/6 – 14/6/2017 Exchange with localities and organizations in cooperation with Quang
Nam province
TP Tam Ky
5 From 09/6 – 14/6/2017 International Kite Festival Tam Thanh beach, Tam Ky
6 June 10, 2017 Tourism Forum Central – Highlands TP Tam Ky
7 + Session 1: 09/6 – 11/6/2017+ Session 2: 12/6 -14/6/2017 The Presstrip delegation, Famtrip to Tam Ky city TP Tam Ky
II Activities in Tam Ky City are organized
first 08/6/2017 Cultural Exchange Program welcomes Festival Tam Thanh beach, Tam Ky
2 From 09/6 – 14/6/2017 Mini football tournament in the sand (south) Tam Ky city expanded Tam Thanh beach, Tam Ky
3 From 10/6/2017 Organized triathlon (swimming, cycling
and jogging)
TP. Tam Ky
4 June 11, 2017 The city’s traditional boat racing competition expands Song Giang River, Tam Thanh commune
5 June 12, Children’s Art Contest Ha Thanh beach
6 June 13, Shake the basket, swim on the sea Ha Thanh beach
7 June 11-12, 2017 City Summer Camp Ha Thanh beach
8 From 9/6 -14/6/2017 Introduction tour “Martyrs – Mother Monument Vietnam
Hero – Tam Thanh Beach – Phu Ninh Lake

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