5 Best Bun Cha Spots in Hanoi

Today marks my 16th day here in Hanoi and I am still in love with bun cha. I don’t know what’s keeping me to eat it repeatedly — everyday, to be precise — but I could not stop! Imagine the fresh vermicelli noodles and vegetables dipped in a warm, sweet broth with soft, marinated meat. So good, right?

In order to share my love for this dish, I compiled a list of restaurants where you can enjoy it the most. Although I have a particular adoration with bun cha places found in different corners, this is an efficient guide for special occasions and family meals.

Sizzling Cake: The Must-Try Food in Central Vietnam


Bahn xeo with fresh vegetables, photo from Taste

There are two types of pancakes in Vietnam: the Western pancakes and the Central pancakes. The Western pancake is a kind of pancake cooked in a wide pan with shrimp, squid, pork, and minced meat. Meanwhile, the Central pancake is the opposite – the rice flour is cooked until the exterior is crispy with small shrimps and garden vegetables inside and is widely known as the pancake that can be eaten by hand.


Quang Nam is considered as the countryside of pancakes as they are likely to eat the Central ones.

Hanoi’s Must-Try Street Foods

As far as food is concerned, Hanoi is the place to be. The flavor, the quality and the cheap price are the reasons locals and tourists can’t get enough of it. The earthiness of each dish boasts with soul and its preparation can rival the speed of fast food restaurants that we know nowadays. But the real deal here is how everything is accessible. You don’t need to check out different websites or read long reviews to find the most sought after food in Hanoi – you just need to get out of the streets! You just have to dive in and enjoy the most heavenly bowl (or plate) you will taste in your entire life.

Cuisine in Quang Nam: So good speciality!

I am learning in Hanoi, have a chance to travel and volunteer in Quang Nam province for 3 weeks. It is long time a second year student like me will never forget: Quang Nam people are so friendly and humble, cuisine here is so awesome, a little bit chili. I quickly fall in love with the food here. You never find it boring because there are different kinds of food for you to try. Cuisine in Quang Nam is like a good guy who easily make any girls fall in love with.

Grilled bamboo chicken (gà tre nướng) is so awesome

I have tasted such a lot of food before but when I came to Quang Nam province,