tam thanh mural village

Sizzling Cake: The Must-Try Food in Central Vietnam


Bahn xeo with fresh vegetables, photo from Taste

There are two types of pancakes in Vietnam: the Western pancakes and the Central pancakes. The Western pancake is a kind of pancake cooked in a wide pan with shrimp, squid, pork, and minced meat. Meanwhile, the Central pancake is the opposite – the rice flour is cooked until the exterior is crispy with small shrimps and garden vegetables inside and is widely known as the pancake that can be eaten by hand.


Quang Nam is considered as the countryside of pancakes as they are likely to eat the Central ones.

How to Travel to Tam Thanh Mural Village

Tam Thanh is a small fishing village beside the beach, a ward of Tam Ky city, Quang Nam province. The name “Tam Thanh” has been known popularly after the project “Tam Thanh mural village”. With the collaboration between Korean artists and Tam Ky city, over 100 houses were painted with amazing pictures that portray the real life of fishermen and Vietnamese soul. It is the first mural village in Vietnam.

Tam Thanh mural village, amazing picture

Traveling to Tam Thanh mural village is an unforgettable experience for anyone who want to discover more about Vietnamese customs,

Tam Thanh Mural Village – The heaven on earth

If you want to look for a peaceful destination where you can travel and listen to the sea wave, discover fishermen’s life or take incredible photos, Tam Thanh mural village is the first name that will give you those awesome experiences.

The picture is colourful that portrays peaceful life of fishermen

Tam Thanh Village is the first and only mural village in Vietnam has been known as the new destination for anyone who is fond of traveling and taking photos. Never has anyone before thought that this poor fishing village someday will become a tourist site that attracts hundreds people from everywhere per day.

“The fishing vessel road”- the first artwork in Vietnam

The fishing vessels that help Vietnamese fishermen fish in the sea became the colourful artwork, reflecting the real and simple fishing village life. “The fishing vessel road” (Con Đường Thuyền Thúng) promisingly will become the first project in Vietnam that portrays fishermen’s life genuinely through the help of skillful artists from many places.

                                                   People are drawing

Tam Thanh Village (a ward of Quang Nam province) is the first place launching this unique idea. After the success of Tam Thanh Mural Village project,