Tam Hai is a very breathtaking island, 20 km far from Tam Thanh mural village. If you want to find a tourist site to go camping overnight, take amazing pictures, look at spectacular sunsets or sit on a fishing vessel to the island, Tam Hai island is always the best choice for you all.

Tam Hai island is not a crowded tourist site. Because of its wildness, the landscape here is so natural, romantic and incredible. The white flat sandy beaches, the rocky peaks and the charred black moutains appears beautiful under the blue sky. It can’t be denied that once people visit Tam Hai island, they keep going back.

The landscape is extremely awesome

Summer is the best time for you to come to this island. Tourists from everywhere traveling here to enjoy their vacation. You can go to Tam Hai island by motorbike or tourist transport means. If you go from Tam Thanh mural village, it will take you about 40 – 50 minutes if you ride a motorbike. Before you reach the island, you need to wait for a ferry.

It is where you can see sunsets clearly

Tam Hai is rarely visited island scattered wwith a handful of fishing villages and coconut palm-fringed beaches, it is mellow, accessible and well worth a visit. Culturally, Tam Hai is a fascinating place, with some minor Cham ruins, an ancient whale graveyard ans some unique festivals.

It is where you can take amazing pictures

If you are a travelholic or want to discover new land, experience new things, Tam Hai island is always the best choice for all of you. Come here and enjoy!