If you want to look for a peaceful destination where you can travel and listen to the sea wave, discover fishermen’s life or take incredible photos, Tam Thanh mural village is the first name that will give you those awesome experiences.

The picture is colourful that portrays peaceful life of fishermen

Tam Thanh Village is the first and only mural village in Vietnam has been known as the new destination for anyone who is fond of traveling and taking photos. Never has anyone before thought that this poor fishing village someday will become a tourist site that attracts hundreds people from everywhere per day. But now it appears on the must-go list of many Vietnamese youngsters and foreigners.

Every picture tells a story

The picture describes the traditional life of Vietnamese people

The new face of the village is the artwork by Korean artists from Korean Foundation in cooperation with Tam Ky Art Club and Committee of Quang Nam Province. The project named “Art for a Better Community” started in June, 2016 and within one month, it has revitalized the whole village.

The village is beautiful and peaceful

Many youngsters come here and take amazing photos

This project “Tam Thanh mural village” had inspiration from fishermen’s life. Every picture tells a story about their daily activities, their dream for a happy life. The tourists coming here can’t but feel awesome to involve themselves in the amazing pictures and peaceful atmosphere of the fishing village.