The fishing vessels that help Vietnamese fishermen fish in the sea became the colourful artwork, reflecting the real and simple fishing village life. “The fishing vessel road” (Con Đường Thuyền Thúng) promisingly will become the first project in Vietnam that portrays fishermen’s life genuinely through the help of skillful artists from many places.

                                                   People are drawing

Tam Thanh Village (a ward of Quang Nam province) is the first place launching this unique idea. After the success of Tam Thanh Mural Village project, the fishing vessel (thuyền thúng) continues to become the special inspiration. The project attracts a large number of artists to participate in. The Vessel Road in Tam Thanh also received positive response from the community.

The project is the artwork by the teachers from Singapore University of Techonology and Design (SUTD) in cooperation with Committee of Tam Ky city, basing on 3 ideas: Tam Thanh journey, Tam Thanh experience, Tam Thanh art. The pictures on the fishing vessels reflect lively life of fishermen. It not only shows the beauty of nature but also portrays the hardship and optimism of Vietnamese people. There will be 60 thuyền thúng displayed in Tam Thanh.

Art comes from simple things. The project will bring the beauty of Vietnamese fishermen’s life to the world, call for keeping the traditional and ancient beauty. The fishing vessel road will be an interesting destination for both tourists and local people to come and visit in the near future.