Tam Thanh is a small fishing village beside the beach, a ward of Tam Ky city, Quang Nam province. The name “Tam Thanh” has been known popularly after the project “Tam Thanh mural village”. With the collaboration between Korean artists and Tam Ky city, over 100 houses were painted with amazing pictures that portray the real life of fishermen and Vietnamese soul. It is the first mural village in Vietnam.

Tam Thanh mural village, amazing picture

Traveling to Tam Thanh mural village is an unforgettable experience for anyone who want to discover more about Vietnamese customs, tradition as well as Vietnamese people, especially fishermen’s life. Tam Thanh mural village looks like the heaven on earth where you feel the peace of nature, the friendliness of people and the soul of Vietnam.

So how to travel to Tam Thanh? Follow these tips below and you surely experience most of the beauty of the fishing village.

  1. How do you get to Tam Thanh?

The tourists coming to Tam Thanh mural village usually travel to both Da nang city and Hoi An ancient town. There tourist sites: Da Nang city – Hoi An ancient town  and Tam Thanh mural village become worthwhile tourist sites for anyone because every site is 4o km far from other sites. The transport is very easy, each tourist site bring different and amazing experience.

You can travel to Tam Thanh by motorbike. If you are in Da Nang city, you can take a  bus to Tam Ky city and then take other bus to Tam Thanh commune, or you can take a taxi.

2. Don’t miss these interesting things below in Tam Thanh commune.

  • Enjoy Tam Thanh mural village

Tam Thanh mural village is the first name appearing in mind anytime they get to this place. The tourist site attracts about 500 travelers each day. Every picture on wall tells a particular story, portrays fishermen’s life uniquely. Each masterpiece shows Vietnamese tradition, custom, give a message about love, dream and hope for a happy and rich life.

  • Walking on the beach every morning and every night

Strolling on the beach every morning to see sunrise, every afternoon to see sunset or every night to see the mysterious beauty of the sky is an incredible memory for anyone coming here. These beaches here are white and clean. Ha Thanh, Tam Thanh beach attract lots of tourists annually.

In summer, many people choose to come to Tam Thanh beach to enjoy themselves. They taste sea foods here, the food is extrememly fresh and tasty.

  • Where can you stay? What do you eat?

Hotels and resorts here are popular and vary. If you want to find out a place with suitable fee where you feel comfortable, eat local food, Cat Bien resort (or Tam Thanh natural beach resort) is the place that can provide you everything you need. The service here is appreciated, the price per room is quite cheap, you can know more information at the link. Here, any season has tourists, especially in summer, the beach is full of tourists from everywhere.

fresh sea foods with many choices
  • Experience fishermen’s life in the fishing village.

It is where you can discover fishermen’s life more thoroughly. You can see small houses with simple decoration, people fixing  boats on the beach or children picking seashells. It is where you see lots of fishing vessels, no villas, no cars, this village only has peace, friendliness and wild nature.

  • Tam Hai Island

From Tam Thanh village, you can visit Tam Hai island that is 20 km far from. You can travel there by motorbike. You will stop in Xuan My village before you take a ferry to the island.

Tam Hai island is  breathtaking with wild nature and clean beach. It isn’t a crowded tourist site but worth experiencing.