How to Travel to Tam Thanh Mural Village

Tam Thanh is a small fishing village beside the beach, a ward of Tam Ky city, Quang Nam province. The name “Tam Thanh” has been known popularly after the project “Tam Thanh mural village”. With the collaboration between Korean artists and Tam Ky city, over 100 houses were painted with amazing pictures that portray the real life of fishermen and Vietnamese soul. It is the first mural village in Vietnam.

Tam Thanh mural village, amazing picture

Traveling to Tam Thanh mural village is an unforgettable experience for anyone who want to discover more about Vietnamese customs,

10 top-rated tourist attractions in Quang Nam province

Quảng Nam  is a province in the South Central Coast region of Vietnam. It is bordered by Thừa Thiên–Huế Province to the north, the nation of Laos to the west, Kon Tum Province to the southwest, Quảng Ngãi Province to the southeast, the South China Sea to the east, and the city of Da Nang to the northeast. Quang Nam is one of the two provinces that has 2 cities and has 2 the world heritages. If you want to come here and haven’t still known much about it, the list 20 top-rated tourist sites below will help you out.

Quang Nam province: The land of unique festivals

Quang Nam province has lots of unique festivals that reflect Quang Nam people’s traditional life and their beliefs. Below are some particular ones here.

1/ Lady Thu Bon Festival

This festival  falls on 12th day of the second month of the lunar calendar, and is celebrated in Lady Thu Bon palace in Duy Tan commune, Duy Xuyen district. It is a traditional festival of the ancient Cham Pa people that was inherited and is still kept nowadays.

Thu Bon Festival
Lady Thu Bon,

Tam Hai Island: Come back to the wild life

Tam Hai is a very breathtaking island, 20 km far from Tam Thanh mural village. If you want to find a tourist site to go camping overnight, take amazing pictures, look at spectacular sunsets or sit on a fishing vessel to the island, Tam Hai island is always the best choice for you all.

Tam Hai island is not a crowded tourist site. Because of its wildness, the landscape here is so natural, romantic and incredible. The white flat sandy beaches, the rocky peaks and the charred black moutains appears beautiful under the blue sky.

Cuisine in Quang Nam: So good speciality!

I am learning in Hanoi, have a chance to travel and volunteer in Quang Nam province for 3 weeks. It is long time a second year student like me will never forget: Quang Nam people are so friendly and humble, cuisine here is so awesome, a little bit chili. I quickly fall in love with the food here. You never find it boring because there are different kinds of food for you to try. Cuisine in Quang Nam is like a good guy who easily make any girls fall in love with.

Grilled bamboo chicken (gà tre nướng) is so awesome

I have tasted such a lot of food before but when I came to Quang Nam province,

Welcome summer 2017: Vietnam airline offers cheap airfare

To welcome summer 2017, Vietnam Airline offers you cheap airfare promotion for flights to multiple destinations. It is a golden chance for all of you to book right away to enjoy the upcoming summer.

One way ticket fare for journeys from Ha Noi, Ho Chi Minh city, Da Nang city and other journeys, the cheapest ticket is 299 VND ( about 13 USD)

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Tam Thanh Mural Village – The heaven on earth

If you want to look for a peaceful destination where you can travel and listen to the sea wave, discover fishermen’s life or take incredible photos, Tam Thanh mural village is the first name that will give you those awesome experiences.

The picture is colourful that portrays peaceful life of fishermen

Tam Thanh Village is the first and only mural village in Vietnam has been known as the new destination for anyone who is fond of traveling and taking photos. Never has anyone before thought that this poor fishing village someday will become a tourist site that attracts hundreds people from everywhere per day.

“The fishing vessel road”- the first artwork in Vietnam

The fishing vessels that help Vietnamese fishermen fish in the sea became the colourful artwork, reflecting the real and simple fishing village life. “The fishing vessel road” (Con Đường Thuyền Thúng) promisingly will become the first project in Vietnam that portrays fishermen’s life genuinely through the help of skillful artists from many places.

                                                   People are drawing

Tam Thanh Village (a ward of Quang Nam province) is the first place launching this unique idea. After the success of Tam Thanh Mural Village project,

Special Foods Must Eat In Sapa 2

What should do in Sapa in September 2017

There are many things to do in Sapa in September. Especially, you will feel interested in harvesting, threshing with local people and some festivals was born as a result of celebrating after harvest. 

Admire one of the World’s most spectacular terraced rice field 

September comes along with the glamorous view of ripe rice crops on the terraced fields. It is time for the diligent farmers to be rewarded with a fruitful harvest after a year of hard work and for visitors to share this happiness of enjoying this mesmerizing view.  

Terraced fields in Sapa are honored as one of the greatest terraced fields in the world.

Con Market – The “food paradise” in Da Nang

Located on Ong Ich Khiem street, in the center of Da Nang city, Con market is one of the largest and most ancient markets here. With a variety of food stalls, it is also considered a “food paradise” – a destination which should not be missed when exploring Da Nang. Tourists when visiting this area will not only be able to witness the everyday life of the crowded market but can also have the chance to enjoy irresistibly delicious food.

Those who first come to Con market would have the feeling of “being into the maze”

Historical Tour in the Capital City of Vietnam

People say looking back to your past is your way forward. Some would not agree, but for the Vietnamese people, this is their way of life. I have been a fan of history since I was a child but my mind seems to have no patience remembering about details. Despite of that, I’ve always loved hearing stories and trivia from people around the world. Vietnam is one of the places I truly admire for its preservation not just of its culture but also of its history.

Before I arrive in Hanoi, all I know about its history is the war between Vietnam and USA.

A Day for Snakes – Le Mat Villlage Festival
Snake killing dance, photo from Vietnam CINET

Seven kilometers from Hanoi awaits an exciting celebration of the year and the main event is something you wouldn’t expect. This little village called Le Mat in Long Bien district boasts a festival that may sound strange but really meaningful for this culture. They call it the Snake Village Festival, usually held on the 23rd day of the third lunar month annually. In this celebration, they pay tribute to the legend of their village which snakes portray a hefty role.
Procession at the start of the festival,

Exhibits to Catch in Hanoi this Week: April 19-26, 2017

This week is an eventful week in Hanoi. The city will showcase two exhibits about the minorities in Vietnam: women and the Hmong village. These exhibits shed light to the important cause of raising awareness for the locals and tourists alike.


photo from Word Vietnam

This 2-day exhibit by Vietnam in Focus highlights the hardworking women of Hanoi streets. It includes women cooks, coffee vendors, traders, couriers and garbage collectors. Born from a photography workshop led by Colm Pierce, the portraits seen in this exhibit is in line with the celebration of Women’s History Month.

5 Best Bun Cha Spots in Hanoi

Today marks my 16th day here in Hanoi and I am still in love with bun cha. I don’t know what’s keeping me to eat it repeatedly — everyday, to be precise — but I could not stop! Imagine the fresh vermicelli noodles and vegetables dipped in a warm, sweet broth with soft, marinated meat. So good, right?

In order to share my love for this dish, I compiled a list of restaurants where you can enjoy it the most. Although I have a particular adoration with bun cha places found in different corners, this is an efficient guide for special occasions and family meals.

Epic Sunday Funday Experience in Hanoi

A typical Sunday in Hanoi

In the Philippines, Sunday is a sacred day. It is the time when families gather together to share their time in mass, eat together and prepare for the upcoming week. Hanoi, however, is not that much different from where I came from. People also go to mass in the morning and spend their lunch together with their families. The only difference between Vietnamese and Filipino families is how they spend their downtime to end a day. Filipinos tend to flock to shopping malls after mass, but Vietnamese go to Hoan Kiem Lake to enjoy the life.

Attention: Free Queer Films in Hanoi for April 2017

Official logo

Hear ye, film buffs and LGBT supporters alike! Hanoi International Queer Film Week is hosting a week-long run of local and international films about queer diversity in society. With this year’s theme as “Pride Journey”, every screening day presents a particular subject showcased by films involved. This year, the line-up is filled up of entries from Vietnam, Philippines, Myanmar, China, USA, United Kingdom and many more.

Hanoi International Queer Film Week is a non-profit organization established to create awareness for the queer identities in Vietnamese society. It also aims to raise more opportunities for the LGBT community inside and outside the country.

7 Ways to Get Around in the City of Hanoi

Hanoi is a vibrant city filled with rich culture and endless activities, making it a famous stop for travelers around the world. With its population more than 7 million plus 10 million of tourists annually, getting around has never been easy. There are different modes of transportation you can choose while visiting the darling capital of Vietnam, depending on your budget, preference and schedule:

Scooter life, photo from The Xtra Suitcase

When to use it: 5:00 am – 1:00 am everyday

Who can use it:

The Much-Awaited 6th Quang Nam Heritage Festival

Quang Nam festival performance, photo from Hoi An Tourism

This year, expect one of the most colorful and poignant festivals in Vietnam to be even better than before. Quang Nam Heritage Festival, now on its sixth term, is created to promote Vietnamese values and Quang Nam’s cultural contributions to the world. The event will be held on 09-14 June 2017 in the city of Hoi An. It aims to celebrate Vietnam’s rich heritage and establish camaraderie with the global industry. Inviting 10-12 heritage cities around the world, the festival is filled with cultural activities and international conferences where all ages are welcome to join and celebrate.